Summer style

When temperatures rise, most guys think they have less options to work with. We think it's the opposite. Not only can you slot in shorts, t-shirts, and polos, but cool-weather favorites, like sweaters and blazers, are still in play. You just have to tweak them for the heat.

Built For the Heat

Polo Shirt

Over the years, this staple has earned a reputation for being one of the best ways to look put together without having to work too hard.

Swim Trunks

It goes without saying that swim trunks are necessary for a day at the pool, but a great pair can double as shorts as well. Bonus points for bold patterns.


Whether you go with a v-neck, crew, or henley, a solid rotation of basics is key for the summer months.


They're casual. They're breathable. They're easy to wear in any color. When the temps run high, shorts are a must.


Classic sneakers—free of gaudy logos and embellishment—are wardrobe staples that shouldn’t be saved for Saturday.

Tweaked for the Heat


Prefer pants to shorts? There are plenty of lightweight options that will keep you comfortable without exposing those pasty winter legs.


Enjoy wearing sweaters? Go ahead and wear one in the summer, just make sure it’s made from a breathable fabric, like linen.

Sport Coats

Like wearing sport coats? Try one made from cotton, linen, silk, or any blend thereof. You’ll look and feel cool all summer.

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