Dressing for the sweltering summer isn’t as hard as it might seem. Here are the six essential items you need to look sharp this season.

Summer fashion essentials

Short-sleeve button-down

Don’t think of these as alternatives to dress shirts, think of them as substitutes for polo shirts. The short-sleeve button-down is lightweight, looks great untucked, and is practically built for beaches, boats, and BBQs.

Mens shorts


You might only wear them on the weekends, but shorts and summer go together like lime and cerveza. Learn more about the three shorts every guy needs.

Men's sneakers


Classic sneakers—free of gaudy logos and embellishment—are wardrobe staples that shouldn’t be saved for Saturday. Whether you like to dress them up or down, here are three ways to wear sneakers.

Lightweight summer blazer

Summer Blazer

Just because it’s a scorcher doesn’t mean you have to dress like a slouch. Lightweight blazers are essential summertime office attire that will keep you feeling comfortable and looking professional.

Men's swim trunks


Beach or pool? Either way, you’ll need some swim trunks for laying out and diving in. By the way, the days of baggy board shorts are behind us. Here's how your swim trunks should fit.

Men's t-shirts


In the summertime, t-shirts take center stage. They can be tossed on with a pair of shorts, or dressed up underneath a blazer. Here are three ways to wear a t-shirt.

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