To tuck or not to tuck—it's an age-old styling dilemma. While there's a lot of gray area, there are some black-and-white rules to follow.

How to Tuck in a Shirt
Mens patterned and solid dress shirts

Dress shirt: always

These are cut specifically to be tucked, which is why they look sloppy when they're not.

Short-sleeve button-down

Button-down: sometimes

If it reaches more than halfway down your back pockets, tuck it in. If it doesn't, the choice is yours. With short sleeves, you'll generally want to keep it untucked.

Polo shirt

Polo: depends if you're golfing

Golf polos are cut long and intended to be tucked in. Regular polos usually look best untucked.

T-shirt: probably not

It is the world's most casual garment, after all. That said, we never like to say never. A V-neck tee can look nice tucked when worn under a blazer, for instance.

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