Truth time: There may be some of us here at Trunk Club who polish our shoes every morning. But we'll be the first to admit that's a bit obsessive. A more reasonable cadence? Monthly. Not only will this keep your shoes looking fresh, but the process moisturizes the leather and prevents cracking. (We're not kidding—the shoes featured in this video have been going strong for over a decade thanks to meticulous shines.)

In addition to at-home upkeep, we're big fans of the shoeshine stand. When you’re seated in a chair, the pro can get better leverage over your shoes than you can when polishing them yourself—giving you the best shine possible.

Some of our favorite shoes


Marco Monk-Strap Loafer

To Boot New York

Brandon Cap Toe

J Shoes

Charlie Plus Wingtip Oxford

Have some suede shoes that could use freshened up as well? Click here to learn how to clean 'em.

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