Weddings are all about the bride and groom, but that doesn't mean you can't steal a little attention for yourself with a killer outfit. Wearing the right thing depends on whether the big day is happening indoors, outdoors, or at a wildcard location—like a barn, warehouse, or any other Pinterest-inspired setting.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Wedding Attire


With receptions typically taking place at event halls or country clubs, traditional weddings are as formal as they come. For a look that works from ceremony to champagne, we recommend going with a classic blue or grey suit, paired with a dress shirt, necktie, and brown shoes.


Beach or barn, non-traditional weddings are pretty laid-back. Given the variety of possible locations, they're also trickier to dress for. Pair a casual or patterened sport coat with chinos, then ditch the tie for a bold pocket square. You'll be the best-dressed guy to ever drink out of a Mason jar.

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