The navy suit is so much more than business attire—it can adapt to many situations, and take on different levels of formality. Whether it’s simply swapping out the shirt and tie, or deconstructing your suit to wear with more casual separates, you definitely have options. Here are three we swear by.

All business

There’s a reason why men have been wearing navy suits with white dress shirts since forever. It’s always appropriate, and always looks good.

Navy blue suit for men

A little fun

Using a shirt and tie to add a little (or a lot) of color is a great option when you want to dress up and not look like you’re headed to a board meeting.

Totally relaxed

We don’t recommend wearing suit jackets with jeans (leave that for your sport coats and blazers). That said, pairing it with a contrasting pair of dress pants is a great way to relax a more formal garment.

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