Although it’s one of the most comfortable and familiar items in a man’s wardrobe, the polo shirt often comes with questions. Here, we answer some of the most common by styling this classic three different ways.

The Polo Shirt, Three Ways

Polo shirts

Do I need to tuck it in?

We’re big advocates of tucking in shirts. That said, some shirts don’t need to be tucked in, and the polo is one of them.

Five pocket chinos

Is it too preppy?

While it’s often associated with sweater-around-the-shoulders types, the polo has come a long way from the country club. Try it with sneakers and denim or 5-pocket chinos.

"The polo is a classic that never gets old."

Danielle Darah, stylist for New York
Spring sport coat

Can I dress it up?

You bet. Tuck in your polo and toss on a blazer to create a look that's ideal for warm days at the office and business travel.

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