Loafers are the epitome of nonchalance. Just slip them on and you’re ready to hit the town, cruise the lake, or breeze through a workday in style. Here’s how to pick the right pair for your wardrobe.

Dress loafers


Narrow-toed styles in glossy, shiny leather pair best with suits, dress pants, and dark denim. They’re the perfect combination of corporate and casual.

How to wear casual loafers


Loafers with a rounded toe are best for laid-back outfits, especially when cut from suede or pebbled leather. Save these for casual Fridays, BBQs, and days on the boat.

"Every guy should have great loafers. They go with chinos at the office, and with shorts on the weekend. Definitely one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe."

Marjorie Nyhart, stylist for Chicago

Bonus Tip

No show socks for loafers

The sockless look is great for warmer months, but not wearing socks is uncomfortable and damaging to your shoes. No-show socks make both problems disappear.

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