From can’t-go-wrong white to checks and stripes, the right dress shirt can lay the foundation for any great outfit. Whether you like to wear yours with a suit and tie or take a more casual approach, here’s how to find the ones you need.

Mens dress shirts

Do You Need More Formal or Casual?

The White Dress Shirt

Mens white dress shirt

The one you need (five of)

Don Draper kept an emergency stash of white dress shirts in his desk. Clark Kent is a superhero under his. You should have at least one for every day of the workweek. They’re impossible to screw up no matter what jacket and tie you pair it with.

Checks and Stripes

Checkered dress shirt

Add a Little Flavor

No dress shirt collection is complete without at least a few checks and stripes to liven things up a bit. When pairing one with a tie or checked jacket, the trick to wearing these well is to pay close attention to the scale of each item.

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