Dress shirts are essential to every man's wardrobe—which is why the right fit is so important. Scroll on for three tips on finding the perfect fit, and to learn a bit more about cuff and collar options.

How to Wear Dress Shirts


Just as with a sport coat, the shoulder seam should sit on the front of your shoulder, slightly below the slope.


When worn with a jacket, half- to a quarter-inch of sleeve should be exposed.


If you're battling excess fabric around your waist once the shirt is tucked, we recommend getting it tailored, trying a smaller size, or having a custom shirt made.

Which collar is best?


This wide-set style is great for balancing out a long, slim face.

Pointed collar shirt


Best for guys with wide, round faces.


These look good on everyone, but are best for casual settings that don’t call for a tie.

What About Cuffs?


These need formal cufflinks to fasten, so should only be worn with a tux or suit.


This ubiquitous buttoned style can be worn with pretty much everything.

Ready to refresh your wardrobe?

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