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Your Vacation Packing List for Jetsetter's Top Destinations

Jetsetter will help you decide where to go, and we’ll help you decide what to wear.

Travel bags for different trips

Everybody has a bucket list, where do you want to go? We chatted with the travel experts at Jetsetter about their top travel destinations for summer 2019 and identified four we can’t wait to visit. Their choices range from tropical to metropolitan—all of which require their own special packing list. See what to bring, below.

Mountain vacation outfits

Packing list for a mountain trip

Jetsetter recommends: Canada

The bag to take: A durable duffel is the direction to go for a nature-centric trip. Water-resistant materials are a feature to look for as well as a zipper closure. We can’t have your belongings falling out while you’re hiking up some stairs to your cabin.

Things to bring when traveling: “To pack for a mountain trip, focus on utilitarian pieces that can be dressed up or down,” stylist Kirsten recommends. If adventuring is on the agenda, be sure to bring long pants as well as shorts to protect your legs. Stick to a neutral palette so you can easily coordinate all of your pieces.

What we’re doing: The great thing about Canada is you can go as “big city” or “off the grid” as you want. We’re talking about national parks in Banff, festivals in Montréal, or seaside escapes in Vancouver. And bring a quality pair of sneakers—you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

Tropical vacation outfits

Packing list for a beach getaway

Jetsetter recommends: Hawaii or Croatia

The bag to take: A comfortable backpack is a necessity. Keep your travel documents close by and use your backpack as a piece of luggage while you’re traveling. It also doubles as a beach bag if you need a place to stash your towel and trunks. If sand gets inside, empty it out, then shake it upside down outside or over a bathtub.

Things to bring when traveling: “You'll need lightweight, stylish pieces for your trip,” stylist Beth says. To go all-in on a beachy look, pack lots of trunks, shorts, and tees in breathable fabrics with a focus on colors and prints. A couple pairs of sunglasses never hurt, either.

What we’re doing: Croatia and Hawaii are perfect for beach-dwellers, club-goers, and adventure-seekers alike. During the day, take advantage of the beach to swim, surf, or lounge. Once the sun goes down, Jetsetter recommends hitting up the nightlife in the area.

Packing list for a big city visit

Jetsetter recommends: Tokyo

The bag to take: Put a sleek weekender on your summer vacation packing list—we recommend finding one with sophisticated details like leather straps or metallic embellishments. Lots of big cities overseas are popular hubs for fashion and style, so we want to make sure you look the part.

Things to bring when traveling: “Traveling to a new city is an opportunity to step out of your normal style routine,” stylist Marjorie says. Here, we’ve stuck to a mostly black-and-white color scheme—it’s minimalist, always on-trend, and makes mixing and matching much easier.

What we’re doing: There’s no shortage of things to do, places to see, or things to eat in Tokyo. You could fill up your whole trip just by seeking out different restaurants, markets, and street vendors. “There’s so much to see in Tokyo, you need at least a week to really get to know the city,” says Jetsetter Executive Editor Clara Sedlak. “One of my favorite things to do is walk along Shibuya Nonbei Yokocho, a tiny, lantern-lit alley full of small izakayas (Japanese pubs) and bars right behind the train station. It feels so authentic to me.”

If you have a summer vacation already on the books, talk to a personal stylist about where you’re going and how long you’re staying. They’ll be more than happy to send you a Trunk to help with packing.