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Weekend Wear: What to Wear this Spring

Subtract cold weather and winter jackets, add colorful chinos and fun patterns and up your spring weekend wear style.

Weekend Wear: What to Wear this Spring

What you wear outside of work is what we like to call your “off-duty” style—outfits that are great for running Saturday errands, or meeting friends for lunch. And for the in-between weather of spring, it’s even better when these clothes can adjust to anything from showers to sunshine. Here are five essential spring weekend wear items:


  1. Colorful chinos
  2. Patterned button-downs
  3. Short-sleeve henleys
  4. Weather-resistant jackets
  5. Fresh sneakers
Spring look for men

How to layer

Short-sleeve henleys layer so well under long-sleeve button-downs. And if there’s rain? Slip a water-resistant jacket over the whole shebang.

How to match

Here’s a simple guideline: Choose a secondary color from a print and repeat it with your solid layering piece. It ties the outfit together without being too matchy-matchy.

Spring look for men
Spring look for men

How to make a statement

Microprints are a good place to start. But if you’ve graduated past small patterns, ask for something bold, or maybe even a bit abstract.