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The Biggest Myths About Wedding Suits

Dress you and your wedding party however you like.

The Biggest Myths About Wedding Suits

Weddings are often a time for tradition, but if you’re a couple that doesn’t need to play by the rules, keep on reading. We’ve identified five myths about dressing the groom and groomsmen that may have been true in the past, but there’s no reason to have to follow them today. To show you how it can be done, here are some of our own customers on their big day.

Mix matched suits

Myth 1:

Everyone has to match

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a row of black or grey suits lined up next to you on your big day. It’s a clean, classic look. But there’s nothing that says that’s your only option. Suits in complementary colors look just as sharp as putting the squad in all one hue. Blues and browns look great paired together, as well as different tones of the same color.

Myth 2:

You have to wear solids

While we’re on the subject of colors and shades, feel free to play around. Stripes, checks, paisley, herringbone, you name it. They’re all fair game for your suits or sport coats. And let’s not forget about accessories. If going full plaid isn’t your style, pops of patterns on linings, ties, shirts, or pocket squares are playful and fun ways to make the look more interesting.

Patterned wedding suit
Casual wedding shoes

Myth 3:

You have to wear dress shoes

Lace-ups, loafers, sneakers, boat shoes: you can make a lot of styles work for your wedding party. Just consider your venue. Canvas or leather sneakers are awesome in casual settings like beaches, barns, or backyards. And boat shoes feel right at home near the water. Or throw caution to the wind and choose whatever feels right! It’s your day, after all.

Myth 4:

You have to wear ties

Definitely not. Ties are a great option, but nothing says, “we’re a cool couple” quite like going tie-less. It’s an easy way to make your wedding feel less formal but still keep things looking sharp. And if you’re already set on nixing neck ties, but the suit still feels incomplete, that’s where pocket squares come in. Pull out an accent color from your flowers to bridge the connection between the suits and the decor.

Tie-less wedding look
Wedding suit for men

Myth 5:

No one will ever wear their suit again

There’s no doubt about it, you and your groomsmen will look amazing on your wedding day. Because when you look great, you feel great. And if you feel great when you wear the suit, you’ll break it out for every office event, holiday party, and other wedding on your calendar. And if you’re looking for a suit to really fit perfectly, custom suiting is the way to go. A Trunk Club custom specialist will take up to 26 measurements to make sure that the suit is fitted exactly how you’d like.