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Dapper Shoes for Wedding Season

Shoes for every kind of wedding you’ve been invited to.

Dapper Shoes for Wedding Season
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

If you’ve had the same handful of shoes in rotation for the past few wedding seasons, now’s the time to step up your game. Depending on the dress code, there’s room to play around with your selection—and show off some major style. To outfit you for all of your upcoming weddings, we’ve put together a guide to the three main types of events. From a more casual vibe (think craft beer and quirky decor) to a black-tie affair, these are the shoes that will complete your look—so you can focus on the dance floor.

The indie wedding

When the dress code says casual, looking stylish is still a priority. Wingtips in leather and canvas are the shoes to wear for an almost-formal (but staying for the after party) look. They lend themselves well to button-down and trouser combination with an elevated touch. On the flip side, you can pair these options with a suit to lighten things up.

The hotel ballroom wedding

When you're not quite in the black-tie zone but need something dressy, a cap-toe oxford or dapper-looking loafer does the trick. These classic styles play well with sport coats and suits, and come in a variety of colors to achieve a specific level of dressy. For example, earth tones look best with navy and grey suits, while tan hues pair back to black. 

The black-tie wedding

Rich textures, dapper details, and modern silhouettes are game when you're styling a tuxedo. When in doubt, a glossy oxford is a classic option for a traditional affair. A loafer with tassel trim or a banded accent can add personality—try pairing it with a modern, minimal tux for balance. For a luxurious, of-the-moment outfit, let a smooth velour texture do the talking.