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What to Pack for Impromptu Plans

Prep for the unexpected with next-level vacation outfits.

What to Pack for Impromptu Plans
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

You've already packed your vacation essentials, but did you save some room for your good-impression outfit? You know, those pieces that kick your casual look up a notch. Figuring out a few key items in advance can help you avoid panic-buying outfits you'll never wear again. The dress code will depend on the destination—and our stylists are here to help with that. In the meantime, we put four looks together to give you some ideas. 

At the Beach

Splitting your day between surf and turf? You're ready for it with colorful quick-dry shorts and a polo, the elevated essential that's just as comfy as your favorite crewneck. Stash your sunscreen and jacket in a stylish, super-practical tote when you head inland.

In the City

Rooftop drinks? Yes, please. A smart-casual look is always appropriate. We paired a knit blazer with easy chinos and a crisp (but breezy) button-up. Classic loafers are a step above sneakers but still offer the comfort you need for a night on your feet.

In the Mountains

Whether your getaway is at a luxe lodge or a rustic cabin, you can keep things pretty casual. The ideal campfire attire includes comfortable, laid-back pieces, plus an extra layer you can throw on for stargazing after the sun goes down. 

In the Desert

Sunset dinner party, perhaps? Capture the zen vibe of your surroundings with a mix of neutrals in clean silhouettes. Sunglasses are essential for style and comfort, and muted stripes add a pop while keeping the palette calm.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.