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Upgrade Your Athletic Bag

Our top picks for sporty men’s bags with functional details.

Upgrade Your Athletic Bag
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

It’s time to retire that worn-out backpack and add a new, sporty bag to your rotation. Whatever kind of gear you’re lugging, one thing remains true: durable, functional bags with athletic sensibility are king. Our favorites also have features that make them as useful as they are attractive, like slots for sporting goods and tech-infused fabrics. Prepare to be tempted by these sleek upgrades with fresh designs and pops of color.

Vans Duffel Bag

The everything bag

A sturdy duffle that can carry all the essentials—from your Kindle to your skateboard—is really nice to have. Look for a water-resistant material, which is especially useful when the weather gets cold and wet. 

The two-way convertible

If you don’t want to be bogged down by an oversized bag, a two-in-one accessory like this keeps your phone, keys, and smaller items in reach. Wear it around your waist or across your chest. 

Quick Pack Convertible Bag
Hatchet Backpack

The outdoor adventure pack

You can never have too many pockets when it’s time to trek. You might be going hiking, you might not… but you’ll still look the part with this durable outdoor backpack.

The retro logo duffle

A spacious gym bag that can house all your gear will always make our list. We’re fans of athletic logo bags that merge a vintage vibe with super-functionality. 

Santiago Duffel Bag
Hayward Air Backpack

The revived essential backpack

Mix things up while keeping it classic. A bold logo has long been a key feature of athletic gear and backpacks, but a fresh color like pink makes it modern. 

The iconic logo backpack

You already love showing off your favorite brands, so why not take it to the next level? An oversized logo over a cool print stands out in a crowd.

Puma Essential Backpack