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Turned Up Statement Sweaters

These made-you-look sweaters are anything but dull.

Turned Up Statement Sweaters
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Forget boring, run-of-the-mill knitwear and go bold and bright to perk up your winter wardrobe. Opt for a sweater that breaks the mold with exciting color schemes, eye-catching prints, and unique textures. A statement sweater will carry your outfit and serve as a focal point, making it pretty easy to style—all you need is a neutral bottom, like staple chinos or basic denim. Get inspired below by some of our favorite stand-outs of the season.

Textured statement sweaters.

The right touch

Unique textures go hand in hand with sweaters, and these chunky knits definitely capitalize on this feature. You’ll find this trend in a cool range of styles, from a cable-knit cardigan to a herringbone-print turtleneck. When wearing a bold sweater, you may opt to keep the rest of your outfit in a singular color scheme to allow the textures to command the attention they deserve.

Color story

Turn up the volume in a color that’s anything but shy. Try an electric pink, a tropical teal, or a sunflower yellow that puts all eyes on you. Bright knitwear gives off a stylish air because it’s not the standard, so try wearing these with a cool pair of boots or a statement sneaker.

Colored statement sweaters.
Printed statement sweaters.

Fine print

Some sweaters were made to be seen. Stylized motifs in fun hues add major excitement to a fall and winter wardrobe. It’s the same concept that makes designer sweatshirts so sought-after, now translated to sweaters. (Yes, Kenzo is taking over your knitwear collection.) Go all-in with a high-contrast print, a lively multicolor stripe, or a graphic design.