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The Top Trendy Men's Fashion in 2020

Our round-up of styles to watch.

Man wearing a Adidas cap and short sleeve button up
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In this era of social distancing, Instagram has replaced fashion runways and street-style photography as the governing body for what's on-trend. The resounding verdict? Loungewear is king, since many of us are spending an exorbitant amount of time at home.

But while we've been loving the chance to wear the "Sunday uniform" every single day, we're ready for some sartorial variety—especially now that everyone is beginning to venture back out into the world. So what other trends are on deck for men in 2020?

The top men's fashion trends for 2020

This year, men's trendy clothing styles parallel the shifts we've made in the midst of a global disruption. They tap into subcultures birthed in underground circles, borrow from the military, and think twice about what "proper" fit can mean. To help you put the swag back in your daily rhythm, we've compiled a list of the top men's fashion trends for 2020.

Men's windbreaker, t-shirt and jeans

1. '90s comeback

The '80s is finally releasing its stronghold on clothing racks everywhere, so it's only natural that the subsequent decade is slated to dominate next. '90s style trends were expansive to say the least: muted color palettes, athletic wear, and anti-fashion aesthetics. The decade gave rise to now-classic pieces like loose-fit jeans, multicolored windbreakers, and graphic tees—wardrobe essentials that you may already have in your closet.

How to wear it ...

Colorblock windbreaker: Sport-inspired and undeniably, go for a lightweight, hooded jacket featuring a color-block design.

Graphic tee: A T-shirt defined by a retro print (be it bands or brands) instantly adds vintage-inspired authenticity.

Straight-leg jeans: Demin with light fading and a broken-in fit hark back to the relaxed styles of the grunge decade.

Modern belt bag: Belt bags carry that old-school spirit while offering hands-free ease for the guy on-the-go.

Printed button down shirt, t-shirt and shorts

2. Life's a beach

The Hawaiian tourist outfit (definitely not tacky when done right, trust us) has finagled its way into the hearts of normies, hypebeasts, and fashion risk-takers alike. The trick to making the aesthetic less garish and more contemporary is mixing sophisticated pieces with more playful ones.

How to wear it ...

Floral camp shirt: Bring the tropical rainforest to you in a short-sleeve shirt brightened with flora in bold colors.

Chino shorts: Fun and practical, chino shorts are a wardrobe staple that tie your sunny-day ensemble together.

Aviator sunglasses: Though designed specifically for pilots, these timeless frames look good on just about everyone.

Bucket hat: From the '60s mod movement to '80s hip-hop, bucket hats have reemerged as a summer essential.

Men's sweatpants, gym shoes, t-shirt and activewear jacket

3. Modern utility

Inspired by standardized workwear and military uniforms, utilitarian style is a stalwart in men's trendy clothing—and 2020 is all about camouflage tones, robust hardware, and copious compartments. Its focus on functionality and street-readiness makes it the ultimate garb for our ever-changing social landscape.

How to wear it ...

Utility jacket: The workwear jacket (a cargo vest works too) is a key layer subverting a blue-collar mainstay.

Fleece pullover: A fleece sweatshirt in a neutral shade doubles down on the trend's dedication to practicality.

Joggers: Avoid going full war core by wearing a pair of non-cargo pants that channel an urban attitude.

Techy sneakers: Devout sneakerheads will appreciate the progressive tech and archival details in today's kicks.

Shorts, collared shirt and loafers

4. American prep

Made iconic by Ivy League athletes of the early-to-mid 20th century, preppy dressing is making a triumphant return. Though it was traditionally worn for outdoor recreation and competition, we love it for all occasions.

How to wear it ...

Striped rugby polo: Color-blocking and sporty details make rugby shirts a smart alternative to a T-shirt, yet equally casual.

Gingham shirt: Playing with pattern via a button-down underneath a rugby polo will earn you instant cool points.

Colored chino shorts: Step out of the ordinary with chino shorts in a cheeky hue like sky blue or salmon pink.

Boat shoes: Is your preppy getup even complete without a pair of boat shoes?

Men's two button blazer

5. Effortless tailoring

Put down the skinnies and extra-slim shirts for a sec. There's a new standard for construction and it's the pinnacle of modern ease. We're talking slouchy separates, alternative fabrics, and enlarged fits. This trend is the successor to avant-garde styling long perfected by design geniuses like Rei Kawakubo and Martin Margiela.

How to wear it ...

Relaxed blazer: A roomy blazer (or sport coat) with a boxy silhouette embodies the irreverence of this trend.

Oversized Oxford shirt: Opt for an oversized shirt showing exaggerated proportions in the right places (like an extended shoulder line or elongated hem).

Twill trousers: Pants with a high rise or silhouette that floats off the leg add crazy length to your pins.

Luxe loafers: Exude laid-back cool by slipping into a comfy loafer.

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