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What to Wear to Your Favorite Summer Outings

What to wear when it’s too nice to stay inside.

What to Wear to Your Favorite Summer Outings

There are so many things we try to squeeze into every summer, and somehow, it never seems like we have the time to do them all. For a condensed version of a summer bucket list, we’ve chosen six things we feel everyone should be able to check off at least once. Read on to see what to wear, as well as tips on things to bring along.

Outfits for summer street fests

There’s no shortage of street festivals during the summer. What to bring:

• A chambray shirt, to wear on its own or throw on as a layer.

• An adventurous stomach: try a new kind of food!

• Support for your local restaurants and artists.

TIP: Sunglasses help complete a summer look.

What to bring to a movie in the park

It's a great date night idea, if you’re into it. What to bring:

• Lots of snacks for major brownie points.

• Jeans to keep the bugs off.

• More snacks.

TIP: Always bring a lightweight and breathable layer.

Dressing for an al fresco dinner

Take advantage of romantic patio season. What to bring:

• A pair of wrinkle-resistant pants (look for performance fabrics).

• A reco for an ice cream shop nearby.

• Your favorite lightweight sport coat.

TIP: Wear a light-colored leather like tan or cognac for a summer date night.

Backyard BBQ outfits

Because any excuse to grill is a good one. What to bring:

• The most fun, patterned shirt in your closet.

• A pair of fresh, white sneakers.

• An extra pack of hot dogs. (You never know.)

TIP: To keep your white shoes white, store them in their original box between wears.

How to dress for a farmers market day

Get your greens locally for the week. What to bring:

• Your own reusable tote bag.

• Sandals to finally get rid of those sock tan lines.

• A low-key, patterned cotton T-shirt.

TIP: Woven belts are best for casual outfits.

What to pack for a hiking trip

There’s nothing like getting back to nature. What to bring:

• A backpack, water bottle, walking stick, and sunglasses.

• Someone to explore with.

• Bug spray and sunscreen. Always.

TIP: Make sure your sneakers have treads to help grip the trail.

If you need styling help for anything coming up on your summer calendar, feel free to message your stylist, and they’ll be happy to help.