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Outdoor Exercise Essentials

Gear up to get moving with stylish, high-performance pieces.

Outdoor Exercise Essentials
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

It’s true that regular exercise improves the mind, body and soul, but let’s be honest—that knowledge doesn’t make it easier to get up off the couch. We all know that person who leaps out of bed to lift weights and fits in a HIIT workout on the way to happy hour, but most of us … aren’t that person. The good news? It only takes a couple of weeks—and a little motivation—to form healthy new habits. The key is to make your fitness fun, and taking it outside is an easy way to start. Whether that means upping the intensity on a sport you already enjoy or trying something new, now’s the perfect time to get your fitness goals on track. First up—finding the gear you need to get outside in comfort and style. As always, we’re here to help with that. 

For the Run

To reach the runner’s high, you have to get through the runner’s low—that first mile before you’re properly warmed up. This is the trickiest part to dress for, especially this time of year. It might be chilly when you start, but as your body temperature rises, it's easy to overheat. A breathable base layer like this will keep you comfy as the miles fly by. Don’t forget your jacket when the temps are low. We love how this one packs down into its own pocket for easy carrying. 

For the Bike Ride

From coasting down a beach boardwalk to pumping up a mountain trail, riding a bike can be as easy or challenging as you choose. And the range of available gear is just as wide. You can go head-to-toe spandex or keep it simple with your favorite casuals—it all comes down to your comfort level. We usually aim for shorts, a tee and a lightweight outer layer, all made from high-performance materials that wick away sweat and move with you. All-purpose training shoes keep you comfortable whether you’re peddling or hiking your bike over a really rough patch.

For the Golf Course

Golf may not feel like a typical workout, but walking the course, carrying your bag and taking those swings can really add up. Most courses have a dress code, but a collared shirt will usually get you in. Slim-fitting trousers are a modern-day nod to tradition, and low-profile kicks like these offer all the functionality of golf shoes with the streamlined style of your favorite sneakers.

For the Tennis Court

Whether you’re playing outside or indoors, tennis is a total-body workout. It combines strength, agility and endurance—plus, there’s something really satisfying about smashing that ball. Given the sport’s speed and intensity, you’ll want to wear clothes that let you move freely. A high-performance polo is your best bet. Moisture-wicking materials update the prepster classic, serving up all the comfort you need with plenty of style to spare. Sleek, stretchy shorts keep you cool on and off the court.

Ready to gear up and go outside? Let our stylists know which activities you love (or want to try) and we’ll take it from there.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.