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Men's Fashion Inspiration From Our Top 5 Celebrity Dads

Find fashion inspiration from our favorite celebrity Dad styles.

Will Smith, David Beckham, and Chris Pratt featured as our celebrity dad's
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"Dad style" tends to get a bad rap: baggy jeans with athletic shoes, socks with sandals, cargo shorts with Hawaiian shirts. (Though, non-dads Harry Styles and Tyler, the Creator have been doing their part to make some of these looks cool again.)

We're putting the spotlight on some of our favorite celebrity dads who inspire us to become the most stylish parents we can be. Keep scrolling to read about the parenting philosophies of our top famous fathers and tips for getting their dad looks.

Will Smith in a bright pattern sweater, trench coat and a scarf

Will Smith

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air turned king of Hollywood Hills has evolved from the colorful leathers and airbrushed tank tops he donned prior to becoming a family man. Still anything but austere, Smith's dad style today favors modern basics distilled with an East Coast attitude. To get his look, combine tailored pieces with sportswear, like a statement sweater with high-top sneakers and slim-fit trousers.

On being a dad: "I feel that the greatest gift that I can give my children is the freedom to be who they are. Jada and I are very serious about finding what they are, and encouraging them to be what they are because you can never be happy being what you're not."

Vin Diesel

Bold and daring on the silver screen, the "Fast and Furious" star and father of three approaches dressing with a low-key edginess. His signature look champions a cool leather jacket, aviator sunglasses, and lace-up boots. If he's your style goal, stick to utilitarian colors like black, green, navy, and grey and keep a moto jacket (or two) at the ready.

On being a dad: "Anybody who has kids wakes up every day wanting to be a better parent and that's your main focus, and you are less vain and less narcissistic and your joy comes from your children and less about you."

Van Diesel in a black leather jacket, black t-shirt and black jeans
David Beckham in a black leather jacket, cargo pants and white sneakers

David Beckham

The former professional footballer and father of four makes us all want to level up our personal style. He brings a refined sensibility to every look, whether he's on the red carpet or airport-bound. To mirror his style, focus on the classics by building a capsule wardrobe of quality basics that fit well and are easy to mix and match.

On being a dad: "I'm still learning new things about fatherhood every day. You never stop learning. I was 24 when I had Brooklyn. Four kids now and nearly 20 years of experience as a father, and you never stop learning."

Russell Westbrook

From destroyed sweatshirts to all-over plaid ensembles, the nine-time NBA All-Star's fearless pregame looks are unrivaled. Westbrook takes off-court fashion risks by playing with proportions and pops of color. Go for vintage-inspired prints, mix aesthetics (e.g., sporty vs. sophisticated), and boost your look with standout accessories to emulate this dad's sartorial panache.

On being a dad: "For me, I think it's more important to be a father to him rather than for him to look at me as a superhero for what I do. My dad's a superhero, but not because he plays basketball but because he's the best dad in the world. That's the thing I want to accomplish."

Russel Westbrook in yellow pants and sneakers
Chris Pratt in a pattered button-down shirt and blue chino pants

Chris Pratt

When it comes down to it, this leading man is like a best friend who just happens to have great style along with a relatable sense of humor. Pratt's down-to-earth style comes from a place of not taking himself too seriously. To get his look, embrace texture and patterns, choose everyday essentials like chinos and denim, and layer up whenever possible.

On being a dad: "Look at what your parents did for you and try to do it. Look at what your parents didn't do and try to do that, too. And don't let overcompensation drive you away from common sense."

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