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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Men

Because the hardest part should be carving the turkey.

Men's Thanksgiving outfit
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Without fail, Thanksgiving puts us in a good mood. Just thinking about green bean casserole next to a heaping pile of turkey and mashed potatoes has us mentally ready for the big day. Plus, it’s a chance to relax and catch up with family and friends. Whether your holiday includes a low-key meal at home or a more formal dinner out, an outfit that matches your plans is essential for the big day. We’ve put together four no-fuss Thanksgiving outfits that are stylish and comfortable, so you can feel free to have seconds (or thirds).

Casual Thanksgiving outfit

Keep it casual

Headed home for Thanksgiving dinner? You’ll want to choose an outfit that’s laid-back and comfortable for running around with family or watching the game. Opt for sporty, relaxed attire like a sweater hoodie with a classic denim jacket and slim-fit jeans (with some stretch, obviously). And you can never go wrong when you finish off your look with a pair of crisp white sneakers.

Cozy and warm

While it may look like a real-life snow globe outside, it’s a whole different scene indoors. If your plans include snuggling up next to the fireplace, you’ll want to wear an outfit that feels as good as it looks—we’re talking soft pieces like a plaid flannel shirt, puffy vest, and joggers. Plus, waterproof boots are a must if you end up going out to meet up with friends after dinner (honestly, they’ll be a staple all winter long).

Cozy Thanksgiving outfit
Layered Thanksgiving outfit

Lightweight layers

Not all of us live in a tundra. If you’re in a warmer place for Thanksgiving, it might feel closer to spring where you are. In this case, choosing light, breathable fabrics in a fall-inspired palette is key. Even if you’re eating on the patio, it can get a little cool—so be sure to wear layers that you can easily take on or off. Try a loose-fitting polo sweater with a slim jacket and straight-leg jeans. Bold sneakers for an extra pop of color keep your look fashion-forward.

Modern and minimal

Headed out to a more formal dinner or want to impress your partner’s family? Elevate your style to match the occasion. Go for a look that’s sleek, modern, and minimalist to make a sharp impression. We recommend a graphic-stripe flannel shirt, bomber jacket, and black denim. Chelsea boots add a perfectly polished (and mom-approved) finish.

Modern Thanksgiving outfit

Wherever Thanksgiving takes you this year, our stylists are here to help you choose an outfit that fits your style and your plans. Talk to a stylist to start creating your look.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.