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15 Men’s Summer Fashion Must-Haves

Our stylists share their must-have summer items for men.

15 Men’s Summer Fashion Must-Haves
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

Summer is the time to get out and make plans—which means you might be looking to make a few upgrades to your wardrobe. 

We asked some of our personal stylists for their list of must-haves, because who better to ask than the experts? They shared their favorite casual staples, can’t-do-without accessories, and the latest men’s summer fashion trends. Read on to see what our stylists, Dean, Ari, Courtney, and Jessica love to do (and wear) in the summer.

Walking around your city

For those lazy summer days spent strolling down streets, popping into coffee shops, and exploring your town with little to no agenda, our stylists have some recommendations.

1. Essential T-shirt

There’s nothing better than a super soft, perfectly fitting tee—but they’re not all created equal. For taller guys, Ari is a big fan of Robert Barakett tees. “The length is a bit longer, they are so soft, and the price is great,” he says.

2. Espadrilles
Dean lives in New York (he styles customers at our Clubhouse in Midtown) and says his ideal summer Saturday is spent walking around the neighborhoods of Brooklyn and popping into local shops. For days like this, espadrilles are great. “I have a neutral suede pair from Vince that I plan on wearing all summer long,” he says.

3. Belt bag
Expect to see belt bags slung across backs all over town this summer—and for good reason. They hold all of the essentials that usually overload your pockets, and they can be casual, sporty, or sleek, depending on the design.  


“I got this bag a month ago and I love it. It’s so perfect for traveling to work with a book and my planner, or taking it to music festivals and street fairs.”

–Dean, stylist

Drinks on a rooftop bar

Whether out with friends or dining with clients, summertime is the perfect excuse to step up your style game.

4. Sportcoat
If you only add one new piece to your wardrobe this season, let it be an unconstructed sport coat. You can wear them everywhere from rooftop bars to outdoor weddings. “They’re key to rounding out a summer ensemble,” Courtney says. “They provide comfortable movement, breathability, and a polished look.”

5. White jeans
White denim is great any season, but it really shines in the summer. A pair of slim-fit jeans with a casual button-down is appropriate for myriad summer events. Plus? “There’s nothing like having a nice tan contrasting with crisp, white pieces,” Dean says.

6. Floral shirt
A boldly patterned shirt can be tricky to pull off in other seasons—but not in the summer. A short-sleeve button-down splashed with bright florals can really amp up an outfit. If subtlety is more your style, pick one with a micro print or neutral color palette.


“These shirts are so fun during the summer because you can wear them casually on the weekend with shorts, or with dark jeans and a blazer for work.”


Bumming at the beach

Granted, you’re not going to have much on when you head into the water. So make what little you’re wearing count.

7. Sunglasses
Our stylists have unique tastes (just like our customers) but there’s one accessory they universally agree on: Ray Bans. “I love to send these to guys because they are not too trendy, but still look current,” Ari says. Invest in a quality pair, and you’ll be set for years.

8. A good book
“There’s nothing like laying out by the pool with a good novel,” Dean says. “My favorite books are thrillers, and I just read a great one titled The Woman in the Window.”

9. Bold swim trunks
When it comes to swimwear, there’s really no color too bright or pattern too lively. For the ideal blend of comfort and style, Ari recommends a pair with a fun print and a modest inseam.


“Once you find the right shape for your face, you will be able to wear them for years.”

–Jessica, stylist

Music festivals and outdoor concerts

Music festivals always land on the hottest day of the year, don’t they? Here’s how to keep your cool.

10. Lightweight sport shirt
Light-as-air linen is an optimum choice for a hot and sweaty setting. And, it’s got style. “I love the micro print on this short-sleeve button-down,” Ari says. “The print is subtle enough where guys won't feel lost when figuring out what to wear with it, and the lightweight linen fabric is perfect for the warmer temps.”

11. Slim-fit shorts
These shorts by AG are Ari’s go-to for guys that are 6'1” and under. “The inseam is current and modern, the fabric is super soft, and they come in easy colors,” he says. That makes them easy to style with anything from a button-down and boat shoes to a T-shirt and sneakers.

12. Facial SPF
No matter how involved (or non-existent) your current skincare routine is, a good moisturizer is a must. Find one that includes sun protection to make your life easier. “Kiehl's Facial Fuel adds just the right amount of SPF,” Courtney says.


“Applying lotion after shaving will help soothe the skin, and a good moisturizer helps retain the moisture that's already in your skin.”

–Courtney, stylist

*Image courtesy Kiehl's LLC

Movies in the park

Grab a blanket, a picnic basket, and some layers. You’ll be glad when the sun goes down.

13. Hoodie
For a casual summer night, Courtney recommends a hoodie by Vince. It’s the ideal piece to throw on, but it has enough polish to keep you from looking like you’re hitting the gym. 

14. Fun sneakers
The best thing about sneakers (other than their obvious comfort level)? They’re crazy versatile. “Either the typical all-white or a fun pop of color, these are a no-brainer in the summer to play up any ordinary day-to-night look,” Jessica says.

15. Denim jacket
“Whether oversized, distressed, pre-faded, or embellished, you really can't go wrong with this closet staple,” Jessica says. Layer one over almost anything (seriously, anything) for a casual yet cool look.


“Layered over a tee or lightweight hoodie, it completes any casual look.”

–Jessica, stylist

Now that you’ve read what our stylists can’t live without, talk to your own personal stylist about finding the must-haves you’ll need this season. 

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.