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The Classic Straight-Leg Jean

In case slimmer fits aren’t your style.

The Classic Straight-Leg Jean
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It might feel like every fashionable guy these days is wearing skinny jeans, and good for them. But if you don’t feel comfortable in a super-slim fit, there are other (equally stylish) options. Straight-leg denim is very much a classic piece in our repertoire, and a modern version of the relaxed styles of decades past.

Straight-leg denim.

The construction

They’re just what they sound like: jeans with a straight silhouette, from the hip to the ankle. They typically fit a little bit snug around the thighs, with more room around the lower thigh, knee, and calf for comfort. That’s where they differ from skinny jeans. A skinny fit tapers toward the ankle and stays snug all the way down the leg. So if you prefer a little more room, then straight-leg jeans are the way to go.

Fitting your build

If you’re a guy with an athletic frame, straight jeans might be your saving grace. Their roomier fit is necessary when slimmer options feel too tight, especially around the thighs and calves. And if you’re a bigger guy who usually buys relaxed fit, straight jeans can be a more modern—but still comfortable—alternative. 

Straight-leg denim.
Straight-leg denim.

How to style them

Straight-leg denim is just as easy to style as any other jean. They’re a classic fit that can be can be worn for everything, from running errands to a night out at dinner. And since the wider-leg is pretty forgiving, you’ll be comfortable while doing it. A dark wash may be your first instinct, but don’t sleep on the lighter washes—they’ve come back into style in a big way.


To avoid competing with the volume of the leg, shoes or boots should be worn underneath the jean, never tucked.