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Casual Outfits for Men Who Like to Chill Out

Or family nights, or days with your significant others, or whatever you like to do to recharge. Here’s are some great chill casual outfits for men...

Casual Outfits for Men Who Like to Chill Out
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Spring is the time to do what makes you happy. Is that tacos in a beer garden? An outdoor festival? Maybe it’s a day out with your family. Whatever you like to do to recharge, you'll need some casual outfits and we have ideas on what to wear.

Patio life

This outfit is pretty much your mid-summer chilling-out uniform. A pair of shorts, a patterned short-sleeve shirt, and sunglasses are the perfect casual combo. What you’ll want to pay attention to is the fabrics. A stretchy cotton blend is what to look for once the temps start getting toasty to keep you comfortable and keep everything breathing. Another great option are performance fabrics that wick away any late-afternoon sweat.

An evening outdoors

You’ve got live music, some drinks, maybe a giant pretzel, and life is good. Here’s what to wear: Start with your standard jeans and sneakers, add a collared shirt, and bring a layer in case it cools down. To keep your third piece from feeling like an afterthought, try something structured and stylish, like a moto jacket. It keeps you warm while also looking intentionally put-together.

Guys’ night

An evening in with the guys is a straight-leg jean kind of night. They’re comfortable, relaxed, and work for different body types. On top, a cotton tee and jersey bomber will do the trick. Bombers are an elevated alternative to a zip-up hoodie. Because who knows? You might end up going out after all.

Whatever you do to recharge, don’t let your outfit get in the way of your good time. Bookmark The Stylist to stay on top of men’s trends.