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Men's Fall Fashion: Color Guide

How to work four of the season’s color trends into your closet.

Mens red coat, orange sweatshirt, flannel shirt, orange hoodie and red sweatshirt
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There's something fundamentally fun about playing with color. Just look at any kid with a brand-new box of crayons and it's clear—mixing, matching and (artfully) clashing are built into our DNA. Experimenting with seasonal color trends is the grown-up way to play. And especially now, in a year where things feel heavier than usual, color is a quick and easy way to lighten things up a little. 

Luckily, the fall palette gives us plenty to play with. When you think of autumn, some obvious colors come to mind, like warm and cozy browns, oranges, yellows and reds. Those hues are still strong on the fashion front this fall—if anything, they're more intense than ever. Along with the classics, we're excited to see this season's calm neutrals and greys—and, on the other end of the spectrum, the bold brights. This broad range opens up endless opportunities to try surprising combinations and accents, or to simply use old favorites in a new way. Whichever you choose, fall color has never looked so fresh.

4 Trends to Try

Our stylists put together some outfits to illustrate four fall trends, along with some of the key pieces you can use to nail each one. Now let’s get into it.

mens red coat, orange sweatshirt, salmon t-shirt and brown pants

Get Rich

This vibrant orange crewneck screams fall all on its own, but the magic really happens when you add maroon to the mix. Layering these two tones has an unexpectedly warm effect, heightened by the peek of a pastel-pink T-shirt underneath. 

Go Tonal

It doesn't get much more iconic than this. This look pairs a classic plaid button-down with chinos and a cozied-up bomber jacket, all in deep shades of brown for an extremely autumnal vibe. Brown has always been a cornerstone of men's fall fashion, and for good reason: these warm shades instantly evoke all the comforts of the season.

Pink mens jacket, pink sweatshirt, white nike tennis shoes

Bring On the Brights

Neon may be a new addition to your closet, but it's surprisingly easy to pull off—and as a bonus, it's an instant mood booster. This jacket throws back to '90s streetwear style and pops against a pair of chinos. We balanced it out with a vintage-inspired sneaker to amp up the sporty look.

Mens brown sweater, tweed pants, brown loafers

Rock the Block

Here's a modern way to wear fall's classic colors. This color-blocked crewneck brings all our favorite shades together while letting each one stand out. Add some trousers and you're ready for work (we love how the pattern on this pair complements the sweater).

These four ideas give you a foundation for bringing men's fall fashion colors into your closet. And remember, you can always take the concepts and break them down to basics—instead of the neon jacket, maybe add a pair of vivid socks for a subtler pop. Just have fun with it and go with the trends that grab you. 

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