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Bring on the Festive Fair Isle Sweaters

From classic to kitsch, these Fair Isle sweaters look on-point all winter long.

Bring on the Festive Fair Isle Sweaters

The chill has set and the lights are strung. With holiday dinners and outdoor dates on the calendar, you might be reaching for your Fair Isle sweater—but did you know you can keep wearing this trend long after the holidays have ended? While festive, yes, these sweaters have a history far beyond the season. They originated on a tiny, three-square-mile Scottish island and have unique, complex patterns that can vary widely. Classic renditions feature uniform geometric shapes, while modern styles offer bold contrast and kitschy motifs. 

Classic sweaters

Classic picks

Traditional Fair Isle sweaters first went mainstream in the 1920s, when the Prince of Wales appeared wearing one. Since then, the style hasn't changed much—and why fix what's working, right? The muted colors and repeating shapes can be worn all winter long. Pair your sweater with dark denim or a crisp pant in a color that matches back to one color in the pattern.

Kitsch perfect

These sweaters are ready for a good ole time. You'll find no shortage of lively, kitschy motifs like skiers, hearts, deer, and snowflakes. They're festive enough to wear during the holidays, but with patterns that playfully reference winter, you can keep wearing them through the season. And why not? Everything’s fair game when it comes to personal style.

Kitschy sweaters