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Men's Activewear Trends for 2021

Your new year needs new gear. Here’s what to add to your workout wardrobe.

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Heading into a brand-new year always feels a little like hitting the reset button, so it’s the perfect time to nail down a regular fitness routine. It’s no secret that exercise is a quick and relatively easy way to boost your mood and your confidence, but it also requires its own wardrobe of workout staples. And no, we’re not talking about baggy T-shirts and saggy sweats—those can stay at the back of your closet (or better yet, replace them with the season’s athleisure standouts). It’s easier than ever to find men’s workout clothes that combine performance and style, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t look good while you’re getting those gains. Whether you’re planning to hit the home gym, strike a yoga pose or head outside for a run, these outfits will help you stick to your fitness goals in style.

For Your Workout

For maximum comfort, choose men's gym clothes that are made from a breathable tech fabric like polyester. These will wick moisture away from your body so you can stay cool no matter how intense your workout gets. This way, you can mix it up if something starts feeling stale, and you get the support you need whether you're targeting your workout to one area or going for a full-body circuit. 

Top Gym Trends

men's blue and black mesh t-shirt

Mesh T-Shirt

When you’re turning up the intensity, you’ll want a T-shirt that keeps you cool. Stretchy, antimicrobial mesh dries quickly and resists odors, so you feel fresh and comfortable throughout.

Athletic Shorts

Gym shorts should feel loose and comfortable, with flexible fabric that lets you move freely. Look for a built-in liner for added support.

men's grey shorts
mens white sneakers

All-Activity Sneakers

A lightweight, technical-mesh sneaker provides the stability you need and the breathable comfort you’ll appreciate when things start to heat up.

For Your Cooldown

Yoga can be a workout all on its own, but it also gives you some great tools—stretching, balance and breathing—to slow your heart rate after a hard cardio session. If you’re planning a workout that transitions from strength training to stretching, choose an outfit that’s soft, stretchy and flexible enough to take each pose as far as you’d like. 

Top Yoga Trends

mens grey tank top

Seamless Tank

A breathable muscle shirt made from four-way-stretch fabric fits closely without feeling restrictive. Go for something seamless so you can avoid itchy distractions and focus on your flow.

Compression Shorts

Layered compression shorts allow unrestricted movement, plus the support and coverage you need to do your downward dogs in comfort. A drawstring waist lets you customize the fit.

mens compression shorts under grey shorts

For Your Run

Prefer to skip the treadmill and get your cardio outside? When it comes to running in colder climates, lightweight layers and technical fabrics are essential. Until you get a feel for how your internal temperature changes, a good rule of thumb is to dress like it's 10–20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. This way you're less likely to overheat once your body warms up.

Top Running Trends

Performance Pullover

A stretch-polyester layer holds your body heat in while it wicks away sweat. A zipper and thumbhole cuffs let you regulate your temperature as needed.

Running Tights

Second-skin tights are tough enough to fend off wind and rain, but the light, stretchy fabric won’t break your stride. Pockets for your keys and cards let you keep your hands free.

mens black running tights
mens blue running shoes

Neutral Shoes

Your footwear options range from minimal to all the bells and whistles, but the even, full-foot cushioning found in neutral running shoes is a great place to start. 

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