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Interview Outfits for the Professional and the Creative

What should you wear to a job interview? Creatives and business professionals have different standards.

Interview outfit for men
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Interviews are the time to make an impression—and a good one at that. Make sure you put your best foot forward with an outfit that shows you’re here to take the job seriously. But there is such a thing as being too dressed-up or dressed-down for an interview, because creatives and business professionals have different standards. We’ll show you what to wear depending on your industry.

Men's suit outfit

Professionalism first

If you anticipate wearing business professional attire for the position, then business professional is how you should dress for the interview. Stick to a suit. Unless otherwise specified, black suits should be saved for formal or evening functions. Grey and navy are excellent choices all year round with a crisp, white shirt. You can show a bit of personality with your tie, but where you really make an impression is with your leather accessories such as your belt, shoes, and bag. How are they looking? We have some tips for keeping leather in good condition, but past a certain point, replacements may be a better solution.

Men's sport coat outfit

In the creative industry

A creative or start-up environment tends to be a bit more flexible when it comes to workwear. For an interview, a dark pair of chinos or slacks are appropriate when they’re matched up with a light-colored sport coat in the warmer months—even a swacket looks put-together. Your shoes and accessories are the place to show off your creative side. Leather shoes are always an option, but you can play with alternatives. The suede derby shown here is professional, while the rubber soles err a bit toward casual. And while you don’t need to wear a tie, that doesn’t mean a pocket square can’t make an appearance.