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5 Ways to Wear a Hooded Sweatshirt

From casual to dressed up and back again.

5 Ways to Wear a Hooded Sweatshirt
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

Who would have thought a simple fleece hoodie could look so good? Swapping one in place of a sweater or tee is an easy way to give your outfit a sporty vibe without falling too far into casual territory. The key is to wear it with more tailored pieces—we’ll show you how.


Meeting with friends

Simple layers can create a very polished look. Here we have a plain tee under a hoodie, slim-straight jeans, and a crisp white sneaker—all classic pieces you may already have in your closet. Your coat is where you can really show some personality. In this example, we’ve chosen a neutral check pattern that’s not too in-your-face, but a nice change from ordinary solid colors.

STYLE TIP: When picking an overcoat, make sure the one you choose has a regular collar to avoid a double-hood situation.


For the weekend

Casual and cool, with a twist. All of these pieces have an extra element to make them fresh. The denim jacket is fleece-lined (which is great for winter), the joggers are printed with a really interesting check pattern, and the sneakers are leather, which feels a bit more luxe compared to a standard canvas shoe. The simplicity of the sweatshirt ties the whole look together.


Running errands

If street style is more your vibe, then you’ll love this outfit. Let’s start from the bottom: A vintage-inspired sneaker is a great place to begin, so you’ll want pants that show them off. A slim fit cuts out any bulk, and the tapered leg creates a shape similar to a jogger. Jackets with cuffs mimic the same tapered detail of the pants, too.


At the office

Here’s a way to pull off wearing a hoodie to work: treat it just like you would any other sweater. Toss one over a button-down with a pair of slim chinos and you’re good to go. Office a little more business than casual? A wool tie and Chelsea boots dress up the ensemble, but not too much.


To a party

Yes, a hoodie with a suit. While we may not recommend this option for your next black tie event, it’ll certainly do the trick the next time you want to make an impression. Not only will a boldly colored suit wow your friends, but your choice of shoes says a lot, too. A brown leather oxford errs on the dressier side, whereas a pair of sneakers (like Vans or Chucks) makes a suit markedly more casual.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.