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3 Polished Spring Looks for Men

To help you put your best foot forward, we’re sharing some easy ways to infuse smart spring touches into three classic outfits.

3 Polished Spring Looks for Men
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Putting together a polished outfit is achievable any day of the week. All it requires is a little bit of finesse and some attention to detail. It’s about making sure your clothing fits well and feels seasonally appropriate, too. To help you put your best foot forward, we’re sharing simple ways to infuse spring touches into three classic outfits. 

Daily polish

You can never go wrong with the basics. Dark denim and a fitted polo are essential in any wardrobe because of how versatile they are. And if your calendar calls for a smart-casual look, you’ll want to tuck in your shirt and give the bottoms of your jeans a quick double cuff to bring it all together. Adding a patterned sport coat on top not only elevates the entire feel of the outfit, it adds character. We suggest finishing off the look with a pocket square, belt in a light shade of brown, and matching loafers (just don’t forget the no-show socks).

Shine bright

Charcoal gray, classic black, and rich navy suits are all traditional options that work well for a number of occasions. But as the weather warms up, your suit should lighten up. Bring seasonal variety to your collection by adding brighter alternatives like dove gray or powder blue. Since your suit is the star of the show, you can keep it simple and opt for a solid linen shirt and chocolatey brown leather loafers. To take things up a notch, a vibrant pocket square and interesting tie is an easy way to distinguish your look with handsome finishes. 

Unapologetically dashing

Nothing reveals confidence more than putting together a dynamite look and owning it. If making a serious style statement is your thing, this one’s for you. Skip the pants in favor of brighter shorts, then pair them with a printed button-down to show off your creative side. Complete the outfit with a lightly structured linen sport coat and smart sneakers for a classic-with-a-twist combo that is fresh but polished.

Whether you prefer an effortless outfit or favor something more elaborate, there’s always a way to add the perfect amount of polish to any look.