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See Inside 5 Different Trunks for Men

We’re unpacking the style in these Trunks.

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Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

You probably already know that we can send you great head-to-toe outfits. But what you may not know is that we can actually dress you for just about anything, from work days and weekends, workouts and hang outs, and everything else in between. And because every outfit we style is based on your own individual preferences, no two Trunks are alike. Need a better visual of what exactly comes in a Trunk? Keep scrolling where we’ll show you a peek inside five different Trunks and what you can expect to receive in them. 

Men’s workwear collection: gray swacket, button down shirt, white sneakers, army-green chino pants

Polished and professional pieces 

Whether your workplace dress code is business-casual or something a little more relaxed, we’ll help you dress the part. This Trunk actually walks the line between the two with a clever mix of pieces that can be dressed up or down. 

What’s in the Trunk: A few essentials you’ll always want to have on hand include a tailored sport coat or swacket, a crisp button-down, and at least two pairs of neutral colored chinos.

How to style it: All of these pieces work beautifully together in creating a classic look for any day of the week. We’ll send you a pair of sleek sneakers and a fitted T-shirt to pair with your favorite pants for casual Fridays. The best part about all of these pieces is that while they get the job done from 9-to-5, they’ll look just as good after hours, too. 

Laid-back athleisure and activewear 

We’ll go ahead and say it: athleisure is a must-have for every lifestyle. With a fresh take on loungewear favorites, athleisure is meant to be worn when the day calls for an ultra-comfortable outfit.

What’s in the Trunk: A variety of chill basics that are reimagined with slimmer cuts and feature a casual-cool influence from the ‘90s. Think muted tones, varsity stripes, and technical fabrics. 

How to style it: Because athleisure isn’t all the way sporty, you can still mix in pieces like a denim jacket, performance shorts, or even a classic pair of sneakers to give your outfit a more refined touch. And since there’s a thin line between athleisure and activewear, a lot of pieces can double dip into both categories. Track pants work at home, but also with a sleeveless T-shirt and running shoes for days you want to take your workouts outdoors. Not only will you be logging miles, but so will your clothes. 

Athleisure collection for men: Adidas track pants, jean jacket, gym shoes, white sneakers, shorts and a tank top
Men’s seasonal collection: shorts, short sleeve shirts, sunglasses, and casual shoes

Trendy seasonal refresh 

A new season is always the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. The change in temperatures allows you to make subtle upgrades by choosing seasonally appropriate materials and styles. But if you really want to liven up your wardrobe, we suggest going with high-impact trend items. We make this easy for you by taking inspiration from the runways and translating that into more wearable, everyday styles.

What’s in the Trunk: Elevated basics like a slim-fit polo or drawstring cargo shorts in an earthy color palette are great examples of upgraded essentials. A striped shirt and cool sneakers also showcase that by going sleek and understated you can still be effective in standing out. 

How to style it: Speaking of standing out—we’ll also send you a few trendy statement pieces to try. A lightweight shirt jacket featuring a unique print instantly adds a layer of interest when worn with simple outfits. Or, for something bolder, pair it with a micro-printed T-shirt. 

Outfits for a special occasion 

So you’ve got an event on your calendar and you’re not sure what to wear. How dressed up should you get and are jeans acceptable to wear? Well, first we’ll help you decipher the dress code. Then we’ll send you a few outfit choices and even share our expert style tips to help you get ready.

What’s in the Trunk: Based on the level of formality of wherever you’re headed, we’ll thoughtfully select handsome pieces that also express your personal style. But you can’t go wrong with an impeccably fitted suit in a classic pattern. 

How to style it: For a more formal affair, definitely step it up. Balance the suit with a solid colored dress shirt and neutral shoes—this will help your outfit feel grounded. We’ll help you elevate the look with a subtle pop of color with a tie and matching cuff links. For a more casual approach, swap out the jacket and tie for a modern, slim-fit polo; it’s polished without being too formal. 

Men’s suit, button down shirt, cufflinks, tie, and short sleeve polo
Men’s collection of jeans

Finding your new favorites

If we had a puppy for every time we heard a customer say, “I’ve finally found something that I love, now please send it to me in every color!” we’d be in puppy heaven. Truth is, we completely understand why that’s such a common request—with so many factors to consider, like size, color, and fabric, finding a new favorite can sometimes be a challenge. 

What’s in the Trunk: If you’re searching for a new go-to pair of dress shoes, jeans that feel like they were made for you, or even swimming trunks that are the perfect balance of cool and functional, we’ll send you a variety of pieces within your requested category to try on. 

How to style it: Depending on your request, we’ll send you the perfect essentials that’ll help you put together a fool-proof, cohesive look. 

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.