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It’s Time to Refresh Your Activewear

Skip the smell test and trust us.

It’s Time to Refresh Your Activewear
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

You may not think of your gym clothes as an important part of your wardrobe, but having the right gear can make or break you (into a sweat). Here’s how to restock your gym bag to get the most out of your workouts.

White tank top.

Tees and tanks

Contrary to popular belief, your old college T-shirt is not an ideal choice for the gym. Although cotton is lightweight, it’s also super absorbent and easy to sweat through. We recommend performance fabrics to keep you cool.


We’re not about to get into a pro- or anti-compression shorts debate. Really, it’s whatever makes you comfortable. If you’re not sure which camp you’re in, try them out for activities like running, basketball, or yoga.

Teal shorts.
Grey joggers.


The stylish younger brother of traditional sweatpants, joggers are a more tailored version that are just as comfortable. Have a couple pairs for low impact workouts and to toss on over your gym clothes when you head home.


Fall isn’t far away and exercise is a year-round gig. Have a couple of graphic hoodies on hand in your favorite brand for when the temps start dropping.

Black, sleeveless hoodie.
Black Nikes.


Having the right shoes for a workout is a necessity. Flat, hard-soled shoes are great for strength training and weightlifting, whereas running, cycling, and cardio require shoes with more cushion and flexibility.

Gym bag

If you’re someone who goes to a workout right from the office, a gym bag is necessary. Keeping your work and athletic clothes separate protects the items you don’t clean all the time (i.e. ties, shoes, coats) from getting sweaty. Care tip: Always take your gym clothes out of your bag when you get home to avoid lingering moisture and unpleasant smells.

Camo gym bag.