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Today's Denim-On-Denim Looks & Outfits for Men

Get the scoop on this trend and how to wear it best.

man wearing denim jacket, button-up and jeans
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Denim is so comfortable and utilitarian that it can be tempting to wear it all day, every day—especially since it's now perfectly acceptable in a lot of workplaces.

And let's be honest: a pair of blue jeans worn with a denim jacket and a white T-shirt is probably the most iconic contribution our nation has made to the world of fashion. Kanye, Daniel Craig, Pharrell, and Justin Theroux are all fans of channeling their inner James Dean by doubling up on the denim.

But putting together denim on denim men's outfits can be daunting if you've never done it before. Fear not—we've got you covered. Arm yourself with the following tips and you'll effortlessly be able to join the ranks of the coolest double denim men.

mens black denim jacket, dark jeans, t-shirt, and converse

Fit is your friend

Any clothes that don't fit well can come off looking messy, but denim's casual vibe can amplify that effect. Make sure jackets and jeans are the correct size, and that the fit and proportions are right for your body type.

Keep the effect of slim-fit jeans consistent by wearing them with a skinnier jacket, a double denim men's outfit that looks best with crisp, raw, selvedge jeans. Tuck in a horizontal-stripe T-shirt and complete with a stark, black belt with a statement-making buckle.

Watch the wash

Mix hues, not washes. While a jacket or shirt and jeans don't have to match precisely, denim on denim men's tonal looks worn head-to-toe project a kind of laid-back formality. It's almost like wearing a suit. Placing faded denim on top, and dark on the bottom—or vice-versa—can feel imbalanced, though you can team indigo with white, black, tan, or any other colored denim.

men's jacket, long sleeve top, jeans, and new balance sneakers

A soft, faded indigo jacket goes with a dark navy linen button-down and black jeans. And a season-spanning white denim jacket is always crisp with both faded or dark indigo. It can also provide a nice accent to fall's earthy hues when worn over a neutral sweater with khaki or olive jeans.

men's jean jacket, 90's hoodie, light blue jeans, and sneakers

Wearing '90s stonewash

One of this season's key denim trends is washed, distressed denim. Again, balance your washes from top to bottom. Pick one piece to make a statement with rips and raw edges, then balance with something quieter.

We like a soft, pale denim jacket on top, with a little grinding on hems and pocket edges, but otherwise kept neat. Team this with jeans that show a little more distress, such as patches and whiskering, or even holes. Keep tops simple for this denim on denim men's combo. A simple, graphic T-shirt works well here, while a zip-up hoodie adds layering and even more '90s influence. Since brighter hues are a key message for fall 2020, include one lightning bolt of color, like a brilliant red plaid shirt or a brightly hued set of sneakers.

Workwear and utility

Workwear—another fall 2020 trend—offers both rugged fashion and utility, with practical features like extra-large pockets and warm flannel linings.

men's brown field coat, white button-down, dark jeans, and suede boots

Start with a field coat in tough cotton duck (denim's "cousin" fabric), in a hard-working buttery brown. Wear it with a crisp, white button-down and straight dark jeans for a double denim men's workhorse. Finish with perfectly broken-in (but clean) suede work boots.

men's denim button down, brown sweater, light jeans, and chelsea boots

Pump up the volume

Denim is loosening up this season, with an emphasis on oversized but not too big. Make it work by keeping silhouettes consistent from top to bottom.

Start with fuller-cut jeans with a higher waistband in a "dad cut," and a soft, pale wash. Look for tapered styles that are cropped or rolled to expose the ankle. Pull on a lightweight merino or cotton sweater in an eye-popping color and finish with a fuller denim jacket (also in a lighter wash), such as a classic trucker or chore coat. Shiny but chunky black dress shoes or Chelsea boots add a winning finish.

Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules with denim. There are many ways to double down on denim, and this season is a stellar time to experiment with the look. Put together an outfit that makes you look relaxed and refreshed. From soft, washed and broken-in vintage gear to crisp, modern street inspiration, 2020's your year to dabble in double denim for men.

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