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Time to Get Cozy

Laid-back looks for your downtime.

Men’s cozy comfort clothes.
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One good thing about this year—we've been able to indulge our craving for casuals more than ever before. And as it gets colder and darker outside, it's time for casual to get cozy. With that in mind, we put together three looks to help you get dressed for downtime.

Stay-in essentials: easy pieces for the weekend.

Easy-Wearing Essentials

Weekend wish list: Lazy breakfast, quick coffee run, all-day movie marathon. When staying cozy is the goal, these are the soft, easy pieces you need.

Adventure Enablers

Warm up your weekend explorations with high-performance pieces. These options add outdoorsy style to your wardrobe and back it up with functional features.

Adventure enablers: stylish performance pieces.
Toasty trends: cozy, old-school outfits.

Toasty Trends

Modern cuts update old-school layers, while fabrics like fleece, wool and cashmere up the cozy factor. Bonus: this sweater is the next best thing to a dose of vitamin D.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.