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Pack for Business Trips Like a Pro

Versatile workwear outfits for when there’s little to no time to change.

Pack for Business Trips Like a Pro
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

Work trips typically only last a few days, but there are often several events jam-packed into your agenda that require different outfits. The smartest way to pack for business trips is to bring items you can wear for multiple occasions. To help, we’re teaching you how to reuse and rewear items for both casual and formal events.

Airport to presentation

If you don’t have time to change between your flight and your meeting, wear parts of your suit—but not the whole thing—during travel. Keep in mind, wool or wool-blends wrinkle much less than cotton or linen.

The foundation: Wear your shirt, suit pants, and dress shoes on the plane.

The swap: To avoid wrinkling and creasing, we recommend packing your suit jacket last, so it’s easy to grab when you get there. And ties and pocket squares can be put on in the car on your way. If you’ll need to bring your bag into the meeting room, a sophisticated weekender makes an excellent impression.

Booth seat to business class

Client lunches should be more casual than your presentation mode, so there’s no need for a full suit.

The foundation: Dark denim and leather boat shoes look clean, but in a relaxed way.

The swap: If you’re trying to stand out, a crisp, white button-down and a well-tailored sport coat make all the difference. Instead of something solid, choose a subtle pattern—maybe even something custom. If you feel like you need to relax and change into something more comfortable once you head out to your flight, swap your button-down for a cotton tee. 

Conference room to cocktail hour

Heading out after a long day of working doesn’t mean you have to change up your entire look.

The foundation: Navy leather is incredibly underappreciated, especially in a matching belt-and-shoe set. You can easily dress it up or down.

The swap: Where you might choose a traditional shirt and sport coat look for business hours, happy hour is a different ball game. A short-sleeve henley and a moto jacket add a certain cool factor to the look, but be cognizant of your colors. A black jacket may not vibe with your navy accessories, so try something in a warmer tone, like brown.

Do you go on a lot of work trips? Our expert stylists are a great resource to help you navigate workwear, find the essentials you need for the office, and get advice on packing for business travel.