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How to Wear Black Denim Jeans

Five ways to wear this rebellious wardrobe staple.

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Nearly everyone has a great pair of blue jeans that are their go-to for almost any occasion, but indigo has its limits. A great pair of black jeans, on the other hand, automatically ups the sophistication ante. They're also your new best friend for travel, providing wardrobe flexibility in an easy-to-pack and wear package.

Denim fit is key 

Like any trouser selection, pay attention to the right style for your build. Black's graphic, defining quality can really exaggerate proportion and fit. Check out our denim fit guide for some specific guidance, but a classic straight or slim-straight fit will work for most occasions. Keep in mind that black denim comes in everything from "crunchy" hard selvedge denim to soft versions that feel like broken-in flannel. A soft, over-dyed version with stretch offers a great range of styling flexibility. 

Once you've decided which style to add to your wardrobe, here are five ways to put together a black jeans outfit for men.

mens black jeans sport coat outfit

1. Refined but not overdone 

It's the cocktail party conundrum: how to look sophisticated and be the coolest guy in the room. Use black jeans as the base for the perfect solution. 

  • Keep that sophistication by pairing the jeans with a neutral, lightweight crewneck sweater. 
  • Add a sport coat. This is a great piece to indulge in some color. 
  • Finish the look off with fun socks and sharp dress shoes.

2. It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Got a full day of meetings, but headed to the bar later with the guys? Done. Black jeans will bring just the right touch of formality to the workday, but still look great when it's time to unwind.

  • Wear them with a snappy print shirt that's made to party...
  • ...but keep things toned down during the day with a solid coordinating zip-neck sweater overtop.
  • Keep your belt simple, and wear black chukka boots to stride the fine line between dressy and casual.
mens black jeans sweater outfit
mens black jean vest outfit

3. Friday feelin' 

When you're counting the minutes until you can grab that bag and head out on a weekend getaway, black jeans provide just the right level of finesse. Plus, they're a great foundation to build on for several days away. 

  • Add a textured neutral sweater and quilted vest for comfortable travel and the whole outfit looks as good at that last meeting of the day to a casual dinner with friends. 
  • Throw on dressy brown leather sneakers that are comfortable but still look serious. 
  • Bring a suave leather backpack to stow essentials with style. Note that brown leather looks even richer when paired with black denim.

4. Weekend mood 

From walking the dog to grabbing groceries, just because it's the weekend doesn't mean your style gets time off. Black jeans provide a perfect graphic anchor to faded denim.

  • Pair your black jeans with a super-casual denim jacket and hoodie combo. 
  • Keep the look cool and clean with a classic white T-shirt. 
  • Finish up with blinding white kicks and black-framed sunglasses for a little attitude.
mens black jeans denim jacket outfit
mens black jeans leather jacket outfit

5. After dark

Ready for some night moves? Your black jeans are right there with you, providing a little extra edge.

  • Black jeans are the perfect foil for the maverick style of a black leather jacket. 
  • Wear them with a neutral short-sleeve henley that's a step-up from a T-shirt, but just as comfortable. 
  • Finish the "rebel with a cause" look with a suede desert boot and add some flash with a silver bracelet.

How to care for black jeans 

Do the best thing for your jeans (and the environment) by not washing them after every wear. The bold, black color you're after will last much longer if they're only washed when they're actually dirty. Turn them inside out, wash them on cold, and hang to dry. Our denim care guide will help you keep them looking sharp. 

Convinced that black denim is a wardrobe staple? Get started to talk to a stylist about the perfect pair of denim for your black jean outfit.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.