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The Parka: Where Function Meets Fashion

When selecting men's parkas, focus on the features. Here are three key styles to look for.

The Parka: Where Function Meets Fashion

A worthy outer layer needs to do more than look stylish—superior functionality is what justifies the space in our closets. That makes the parka one of the most versatile pieces for fall. Aside from being a transitional garment for unpredictable weather, most come outfitted with useful features. Things like extra pockets, water-resistant fabrics, and adjustable hoods make a big difference in your coat’s performance. Seek out parkas with these add-ons and you'll be ahead of the outerwear game.

Man wearing a navy blue parka with his left hand in his pocket.


Keys? Phone? Wallet? Keep everything you need close by. Parkas with large and plentiful pockets turn an otherwise average coat into a super-useful piece. Choose a parka with side, hip, and chest pockets to max out your carrying power.

Fabric focus

Parkas are a smart choice for inclement weather, but some are more effective against the elements than others. A simple field jacket goes from good to great with a waterproof or water-resistant finish on its fibers to keep raindrops from invading.

Close-up shot of a man wearing a zipped up hunter green parka.
Man in profile wearing a navy blue parka with the hood extended, protecting his head from the weather.

Under the hood

Who needs an umbrella? (Okay, we actually don't have anything against umbrellas.) But when unpredictable weather sets in, having a sizeable hood is a great way to avoid getting soaked. Even better? A lot of jackets are designed with removable hoods, giving you that option on days it’s not so rainy.