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Swim Trunks: Find Your Perfect-Fitting Pair

Your guide to the best-fitting swimwear.

 Swim Trunks: Find Your Perfect-Fitting Pair
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To pull off a successful beach day, you only need a few things. Great weather, cold drinks, and swimwear that makes you feel your best. But since beach bods come in so many different shapes and sizes, finding the right pair can sometimes be a challenge. To guide you to the most comfortable swimwear, we’re highlighting three general body shapes and sharing tips on what to look for. Keep reading to learn more. 

Inverted triangle frame

Bring balance to broad shoulders and a slimmer bottom half with trunks that hit right above the knee (the model shown is 5’10” and wearing a 7-inch inseam). Since an oversized pair can easily overpower your frame, stick to tailored designs in bold colors or busy prints to create the illusion of bulk on your bottom half. 

Oval frame

For guys with a heftier midsection, trunks with a slightly more relaxed silhouette are incredibly flattering. The key word is slightly—just like we recommend for pants on this body type, look for a slim, but not too-tight cut to balance things out. Also, think about the waistband. The wider and flatter it is, the more forgiving for your frame. 

Rectangular frame

With this more balanced body shape, you can pull off just about any style of swimwear, be it bold colors or large-scale patterns. The most important thing to focus on is length. You can’t go wrong with right above the knee, especially for someone taller like the 6’4” model shown here. Too short and it can exaggerate lankiness, too long and it can make your body loom even larger.

Now that you know which trunks will fit you best, grab your glasses and hit the beach. Want to know more about dressing for your body shape? Check out our guides to outfitting and denim.