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No-Stress Packing Lists for Beach Vacations

A cheat sheet on how to pack for a tropical vacation.

No-Stress Packing Lists for Beach Vacations
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Taking some much needed time off to treat yourself (or the fam) to a tropical beach getaway always sounds like such a relaxing idea—until it comes time to pack your vacation outfits. Even though vacations are all about recharging, preparing for the trip is another thing entirely. We found that 41% of people say packing is the most stressful travel task.* We’re here to light the mental load with three packing lists for your trip based on how long you’ll be away.

Weekend Trip

Beach weekend on the books? Chances are you’re trying to keep the packing down to a minimum, so fill your trusty duffel with only the essentials. Remember that if you’re pressed for space in your bag, you can wear one of your vacation outfits en route.

If you’re going to be spending most of your time at the beach, your outfits will revolve around swim trunks, shorts, and T-shirts. As far as shoes go, bring two pairs: casual slides for the pool or sand, and clean, white sneakers for dinner or drinks.

A few extra days

Staying for the better part of a week means you’ve probably made some plans beyond beach bumming, so pack accordingly. Tropical patterns are great for hanging out during the day or hitting up a tiki bar, but if you have nice dinner plans, you’ll want a collared shirt. A solid color or simple stripes will do the job just fine. If it’s going to be extra hot where you’re headed, it’s important to think about fabrics. Linen and seersucker are both ultra-breathable if you’re someone who overheats, and they don’t need to be ironed. They’re meant to look a little worn-in.

See you next week

Consider yourself OOO for at least a week. Now’s the time to include more of the fun stuff, like retro swim trunks and “vacation only” shirts. Yes, even the ones with parrots and flamingos on them.

Make sure to also think over any activities on your agenda. Surf lesson? Golf game? Don’t forget to bring appropriate apparel. And even if the weather calls for a sunny 85 degrees the whole trip, weather is unpredictable, so it never hurts to bring along a sweater or light jacket just in case.

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