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Brand Closure Details

Nordstrom Trunk Club is closing.

As a valued Nordstrom Trunk Club customer, we thank you and appreciate your loyalty. While we will no longer serve customers through Trunks, we're still ready to take care of all your styling needs at your convenience.

We offer everything from outfit inspiration to online chat with a stylist, to one-on-one appointments both in stores and online. We look forward to serving you! Get started here.

What happens to my existing Trunk requests?

Delivery delays

What is your return policy for items purchased?

Will I still have access to my Trunk Club purchase history, wardrobe and outfits?

Trunk Club Credit

What happened to the credit on my Trunk Club account?

Gifts and Gift Cards

The Basics

How It Works

How does Nordstrom Trunk Club work?

How do I cancel my account?

Nordstrom Trunk Club

Trunk Orders

How long will it take to get my Trunk?

How long can I keep my Trunk?


Credit Card Charges

When will I be charged?

Why do you need my credit card?

Will I be charged if I return everything in my Trunk?

Price Matching

Price matching

Styling Fee

What is the styling fee?

The Cost

How much does Nordstrom Trunk Club Cost?

What is the price range of Nordstrom Trunk Club clothing?

Do I have to buy the entire Trunk?

Will I get to review pricing before I receive my Trunk?



Will I need to pay for alterations?

Brands and Sizes

Why don’t you have men’s pants in my inseam length?

What brands does Nordstrom Trunk Club carry?

Nordstrom Trunk Club Custom

Do you offer custom suiting?

Your Picks

What are Your Picks?

Do I have to pay for Your Picks items in advance?

If I keep a piece from Your Picks, will it be listed in my Wardrobe?

I didn’t see any Your Picks items. What happened?

Shipping & Returns

FedEx Pickup and Drop Off

How do I schedule a pickup?

Where can I drop off my returns?

Free Return Policy

How do I return a Trunk?

What is your return policy for items purchased?

Free Shipping Policy

How do I exchange a product for another size?

What if I’m keeping everything in my Trunk?

International & PO Box Shipping

Do you ship to PO boxes?

Everything Else


Is the Nordstrom Trunk Club site accessible?


How do I work at Nordstrom?

COVID-19 Information

I have COVID-19 and recently received an order from Nordstrom Trunk Club. Can I still return merchandise I don’t want or do I need to keep it?

Is the merchandise in your Trunks safe to touch/buy/wear?

Nordstrom Trunk Club + The Nordy Club

What is The Nordy Club?

How do I earn Nordy Club points?

What are Nordstrom Notes and how do I use them?

Are Nordstrom Trunk Club purchases eligible for Nordy Club bonus points?

Who can join The Nordy Club and how?

Nordstrom Trunk Club Referral Program

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