Team - Sales Training

Meet Our Sales Training Team

We provide our stylists with educational tools and programs that deliver a top-notch experience to every customer. We are rooted in growth and development, and believe that people are most inspired and productive when they are learning new skills. If you're looking for a fast-paced, passionate working environment where development is embedded in company culture, come check us out.

“To say that our team is the BEST would be an understatement. We are able to work with every area of the company to provide comprehensive learning and development opportunities, while being equally challenged and supported everyday. I am consistently surprised and impressed with the considerable impact we are able to make on the business and could not be a prouder member of this team!”

“I absolutely love this team! Not only do we build a foundation of learning and development for new hires, we also create progressive trainings for current stylists by uncovering areas of opportunity and problem solving. We ensure the company is aligned and provides a consistent experience with every customer. It all starts with Training!”