Teams - Sales Operations

Meet Our Sales Operations & Strategy Teams

Sales Operations builds our sales process and analytical framework to ensure we’re giving the best experience in retail. Most of our work is cross-functional, executing new programs that affect every part of the business. By working so closely with Sales and our customers, we see firsthand how our work influences Trunk Club's unique experience. If you're an analytical person looking for opportunities to optimize processes, then you're the perfect fit.

“I’m lucky that I feel challenged, learn constantly, and laugh with my friends every day. We work hard to solve complex, interesting problems at a company that is continuously evolving—but the best part is working together and enjoying ourselves while we do.”

“Our team has the luxury of interacting with all of the functions that make Trunk Club work. Seeing how they fit together and helping plan new projects and initiatives is an invaluable experience that makes each week different from the last.”