Life at Trunk Club

What makes us different

We are not cut from the same cloth as other retailers. For starters, we’re more about service than fashion. We don’t push trends onto people. Instead, we connect with people one-on-one to find the clothes that fit their taste, lifestyle, and budget—and we do so with innovative methods that are unparalleled in the industry.

We value brick-and-mortar and digital experiences equally. Whether hosting customers for shopping appointments in one of our unique Clubhouses, or working with them online to have a Trunk of hand-selected clothing sent to their door, we uphold a level of service that earned us a place in the illustrious Nordstrom family.

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Life at Trunk Club

Life at Trunk Club

What we value

We keep our sights set on a common goal by committing to these six values:

Center on the customer

Trunk Club’s goal is, and has always been, to help people become the best dressed, most confident versions of themselves. We put our customers first—and whenever we design, create, or communicate—we consider them first.

Trunk Club employees succeed because they're understanding and empathetic towards our customer's needs

Expect and embrace change

Things move fast at Trunk Club. We’re not afraid to take risks, and act decisively with the information at hand.

Trunk Club employees succeed because they are flexible and adapt to change quickly.

Hold strong ideas, loosely

It requires research, forethought, evidence, and debate to create a strong idea. Courage is also required to challenge long-held beliefs and the willingness to implement change.

Trunk Club employees succeed because they’re curious and always looking for ways to innovate our business.

Make no small plans

Trunk Club was founded on a big idea: to revolutionize the retail industry by making shopping for clothes enjoyable, productive, and convenient.

Trunk Club employees succeed because they are ambitious.

Treat Trunk Club as your home, and our customers as your guests

We’re all in this together. If you see trash, clean it up. If you’re near a sink, do the dishes. If a customer is walking into the Clubhouse, hold open the door and greet them.

Trunk Club employees succeed because they neglect no task and hold themselves accountable to both their individual and team commitments, as well as their commitments to the customer.

Give credit where credit is due

The best ideas are nurtured, defined, and improved upon by multiple people—and when those ideas are successful, they should be celebrated as a group.

Trunk Club employees succeed because they’re considerate and pass on credit for accomplishments to their teams.