Women's Rain Boots: How to Style Them

Women's Rain Boots: How to Style Them
Post by Trunk Club
April 3, 2018

The quickest way to beat the rainy day blues? Brightly colored rain boots as stylish as they are functional. Translation: You’ll actually hope for rainy days. And since spring showers are inevitable, we’ll show you two different ways to wear them. 


Polished Rain Boots

Weatherproof your outfit with a classic trench and neutral-colored boots for a look that’s both sophisticated and work-appropriate. A Chelsea-style rain boot is far less intrusive than a traditional Wellington—at a glance, they even pass for regular boots.


Casual Rain Boots

Rainy days don’t have to be completely dreary. Brighten up your jeans-and-sweater combo by finishing off the look with boots in a vibrant hue. They don’t have to perfectly match your raincoat, just complement it.

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