Women Who Work: Molly Currey

Women Who Work: Molly Currey
Post by Trunk Club
March 19, 2019

With a race car driver’s spirit and creative ambition, Molly Currey’s career path has been anything but a straight line. “I took the road less traveled—literally and figuratively—throughout my entire career,” she says. “My dad is a race car driver and my mom an entrepreneur. That combination took me to places I could have never dreamed of.”

One minute, Molly is racing off-road dune buggies and four-wheel-drive trucks as part of a family racing team, earning herself the 1998 Women’s World Off-Road Championship. The next, she’s leveraging her racing experience to start a career at a global public relations agency, working with clients in NASCAR, IndyCar, and F1. Today, she is the managing director at DKC Public Relations, where she runs the Chicago office and oversees the national consumer group. “I made a point to stand out, to find opportunities that allowed me to craft a life that I can be proud of,” she says.

As part of our continuing journey to profile women excelling in their professional and personal lives, we met with Molly at her Logan Square home (more on that below) to get a closer look at her life and style. 

What has been your biggest career moment, thus far?

I feel like I’ve lived four lifetimes in my 40-plus years—so this is a hard question! I would say my biggest career moment was taking the leap from my global agency, which I had been with for 14 years, and into my current role at DKC. It was a big career move and forced me beyond my comfort zone, but I did it. And I’ve been rocking it ever since. Moral of the story, never say no to a challenge that will open up new worlds for you.

What is your typical work uniform, and why?

Honestly, I dress for the occasion. My job as a creative and PR exec allows me to make choices that suit me at any given moment. Some days, I take a very relaxed approach to my outfit. In fact, you may find me in my overalls on a Friday. But other days, mostly when I have client meetings, I take it up a notch and dress like a (funky) adult: wedges, jeans, a smart shirt, or a large loose-fitting dress.

Molly holding her dog.

We love a good power outfit. Do you have one, or a specific piece you wear that gives you confidence?

Yes, I love a good power outfit, too. For me, it’s about finding pieces that stand out, that make a statement when you walk into a room. Sometimes it’s a jacket, like my leather biker jacket, or my silver-toe-capped Oxfords.

Do you have a mantra that you live by?

After surviving breast cancer, I realized life is so fragile, and we can never take a single day for granted. This led me to make some very hard decisions in my personal life, to find my truth and build a world that is truly my own. I always talk about living your style—it’s about the clothes you wear, the home you create, the car you drive, and the people you surround yourself with. If you can get to a place in your life where all of that clicks, and you don’t have to be anything other than yourself, that’s a great place to be. And that’s where I am right now.

“Never say no to a challenge that will open up new worlds for you.”

Let’s talk about your home for a minute, which is incredible. Can you tell us about it?

Yes, our home, it’s one of my favorite things. Jim and I were lucky enough to purchase a church in Logan Square from a couple who transformed the property about 20 years ago. The church was built in 1888, and the first restoration took four years.

Walking into our home, you immediately feel the presence of something bigger than us. The years of prayers and goodwill and kindness still hang in the air. Physically, the church has the original bones: the wood floors, cathedral ceilings, and a hand-painted fresco in what used to be the altar area. The stained-glass windows are stunning in the morning sun. The former altar area is now our living room, graced by a big wood-burning fireplace. This is where you can find me most nights. It’s my happy place.

Jim and I have been hosting Sofar Sounds concerts at the church for the past year and are working on a private, underground dining experience. The church is a space that evokes creativity, and we love to find ways to share that with the community and our friends.

What’s next for you?

LOL, I guess it depends on what the universe wants for me. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet! What I do know is that I am constantly working to be my best self—physically and emotionally. Right now, I am focused on living healthier. I love red wine (a little too much!) and we’re learning to cook. Beyond that, I will continue to ground myself in what matters and always remember how I got to this place in my life. 

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