Winter Trend Report

Winter Trend Report
Post by Trunk Club
December 17, 2018

Flashback to the 1920s and '30s: A few styles we haven’t seen in decades are coming back around. But don’t worry, they’ve returned with modern updates. From jackets to shoes, we’re exploring trends for winter that are rooted in history but feel right at home in the 21st century.

Two-tone shoes.

1. Two-tone shoes

Not your old-timey wingtip. You’ll notice we’re featuring current styles like sneakers and loafers that easily lend themselves to a two-tone situation because of their construction. When the tongue and toe naturally stand out anyway, why not add some contrast? It turns a neutral shoe up a notch.

2. Velvet jackets or shoes

We’re used to seeing knits and wool in the wintertime, but adding velvet into the rotation adds an element of luxury. For everyday life, there are varying degrees of formality to this textile, depending on how you incorporate it into your wardrobe. A blazer is special for a night out, while a bomber has a much more casual feel.

Velvet jackets and shoes.
Pleated trousers.

3. Pleated trousers

“Pleats.” What used to feel like a curse word in the style industry is earning back some respect. Pleats can either be front-facing or side-facing; either way, they leave a little more room in the seat and legs for the wearer. But the pleat doesn’t need to be the only detail. Colors, textures, and patterns are also fair game.


When you iron your trousers, make sure they’re folded along the pleats before adding heat to keep them looking crisp.

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