Winter Coats for Every Region

Winter Coats for Every Region
Post by Trunk Club
October 25, 2018

Let’s talk about coats. Winter weather is quickly approaching, but what that means—and how much bundling it requires—depends on where you live. And with so many different types of outerwear to choose from, it’s important to find practical options for your region. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here, we’re talking to our stylists from around the U.S. to help you tackle the temps, no matter where you live (or where you might be traveling this season).

Three women's coats meant to be worn in mild weather.

The South: A wet winter

In the lower half of the U.S., climates tend to remain pretty mild throughout the year. The Southwest doesn’t see a lot of change between seasons, but temps can definitely dip during the evening. For cool nights, a knit jacket or lightweight duster is ideal for keeping warm. In the Southeast, where winters are wetter, a hooded raincoat or water-resistant trench is necessary for wicking away any moisture.“We've been getting more rain than usual, so we're loving a light windbreaker and raincoat for the season,” our Dallas-based stylist, Rachel, says. “Coats like the Burberry and Mackage belted trenches are great for the wet days here.”

The West: A slight chill

Temperatures on the West Coast can fluctuate throughout the day, so dressing in layers is essential. The morning can start out brisk, warm up in the afternoon, and be back to chilly in the evening, so light- to mid-weight coats are great for carrying you through the day (and the season, too). “Leather jackets are often viewed as a winter coat in the West. Focus on something with a little more structure and heft so it feels seasonally appropriate,” Theodora, an LA stylist says. “Wool top coats, both long and short, are also great. Because they’re in style these days, they check off both fashion and function.” And remember, a coat isn’t always required. “A lightweight layer without any bulk is key, like a thin down vest from Moncler,” she says.

Three women's coats meant to be worn in moderate weather.
Three women's coats meant to be worn in severe winter weather.

The Northeast and Midwest: Bone-chilling cold

Bundling up is the name of the game in these parts of the country. Extreme conditions are typical for winters in the Northeast and Midwest: lots of snow, below zero temperatures, and outright unbearable windchill. To protect yourself from the harsh elements, invest in a good quality down puffer jacket or a fur-trimmed down parka made with water-resistant materials. Longer duster lengths and hooded detailing are practical design elements for added warmth and coverage. While top-of-the-line materials are key, a puffy coat can have style. We look for pops of color, flattering shapes, and cozy fur details.

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