The Coziest Fall Fabrics for Women

The Coziest Fall Fabrics for Women
Post by Trunk Club
October 19, 2018

Maintaining swoon-worthy personal style often comes down to the basics. Fabrics are the starting point of any great garment, and fall is when our favorite textiles take center stage—or, in this case, center closet. The fall and winter runways are bursting with inspiration for texture each season because the cooler months give us a chance to branch out from the lightweight cottons and seersuckers of summer. That makes now the perfect time to add some cool-weather texture to your wardrobe, so try experimenting with lush layers, chunky knits, and brushed surfaces. Consider this your cheat sheet for fall fabrics to know, and start adding some richness to your wardrobe.

Women's outfit featuring green velvet pants.

Velvet: for a rich texture

Dubbed a luxury fabric since its creation, good velvet is still a bit pricey. Its soft “pile” surface lends to its light-reflecting finish, making it a favorite to render in jewel tones, like one of our favorite fall color trends: dark teal. Velvet is often associated with evening, but with the right piece, it’s versatile enough to be worn during the day. This soft fabric is one of the season’s biggest trends, so try it in a statement piece.

Corduroy: for classic-cool

This vintage-inspired fabric, sometimes referred to as a “ridged” velvet, is both durable and fun to wear. It first rose to popularity in the ‘70s, where it fit right into the earthy, boho-chic movement of the era. Now corduroy is back in fresh new silhouettes. Wear it in slim cuts to stay streamlined, but opt for fun, modern colors. 

Women's outfit featuring orange corduroy pants.
Women's outfit featuring a striped cashmere sweater.

Cashmere: for luxe layering

This irresistibly soft fabric is one of the most luxurious knit fibers in the world, thanks to its origin and feel. Cashmere is made using wool from the underbelly of goats in the Kashmirian mountainsides of Northern India—hence its name—and makes for ultra-luxe knit tops, dresses, and scarves. It’s a high-quality textile that should be cared for and stored properly to preserve its longevity. 

Wool: for the ultimate warmth

Make way for a true cold weather essential! Chunky knits are a standard sweater-weather uniform, and none keep you quite as toasty as those rendered in wool. Who doesn’t love a wool sweater dress and over-the-knee boot? This natural, versatile fiber isn’t prone to pilling or wrinkling, making it easy to wear and care for. Many things can impact its quality and price tag, but there’s something for every budget. 

Women's outfit featuring a grey cowl-neck wool sweater.
Five women's suede jackets in varying colors laid flat on a grey background.

Suede: for a softer edge

This popular fall textile is predictably found in on-trend boots, jackets, and accessories. Suede is essentially leather with a brushed side that creates a velvety nap. The result is amazingly soft and rich, and the perfect cozy contrast when paired with silky tops or glossy finishes. Caring for suede requires a few extra steps, but it’s timeless look and luxe feel are very much worth the effort.

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