TC x CB2: Summer Party Style

TC x CB2: Summer Party Style
Post by Trunk Club
July 3, 2018

We're thrilled to continue our partnership with CB2 as part of our Live Your Style campaign celebrating personal style, both in your wardrobe and your home. Each season, we’ll be exploring how trends in fashion and interior design inspire each other, and help people live more stylishly.

What is it about simply moving a party outside that makes it feel so much more magical? We don’t know, but we love it. These days, everyone wants an enviable outdoor space, whether they’re working with a sprawling backyard in Boise or a meticulously curated fire escape in Brooklyn. And understandably so—when the weather’s nice, it’s like having another room in the house. (One that you’re going to Instagram. A lot.)

If you’re thinking about refreshing your outdoor space this season but aren’t sure where to start, may we suggest your closet? Some of summer’s most timeless styles apply perfectly to al fresco furnishings. And pairing your wardrobe with your home decor has added benefits: in our survey of 2,000 Americans, nearly 40 percent said their overall happiness would improve if their wardrobe and home’s interior were in sync. Take a look at what we mean.


Gingham shirt with white jeans.

Featured CB2 products from left to right: braided jute pouf, black and white outdoor runner, inlay serving tray, stripe outdoor rug, tall vase

Pure white textiles feel endlessly light and bright during summer’s warmer days. But if you don’t trust yourself to wear all white when there’s barbecue and watermelon in the mix, white-washed denim or chinos mimic a painted patio floor or a beautiful piece of blanched pottery. And the woven bags and shoes that are trending so much this summer? They’re the sartorial version of wicker furniture, or a charming straw ottoman.


Gingham shirt with white jeans.

Featured CB2 products from left to right: interknit pillow, stripe denim pillow, black and white outdoor runner, stripe outdoor rug, hoops faux leather pillow

Gingham is like the fashion equivalent of apple pie—it’s not a summer party without it. The graphic, high-contrast effect of this pattern translates wonderfully to accent pieces like area rugs and throw pillows. And the preppy, often primary colors are perfectly suited for a season marked by three of the most patriotic holidays.

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