The 4 Shoes Every Guy Needs for Summer

The 4 Shoes Every Guy Needs for Summer
Post by Trunk Club
May 25, 2018

Do you spend most of your summers relaxing, or filling your free time with BBQs and weekend road trips? Whether it’s one, the other, or a healthy mix of the two, these are the four shoes you’ll need for the season.

Loafers for men


We love a great loafer for its range in colors and different materials. They’re your best bet for the season’s more formal occasions, like weddings and work functions. Another thing to love? How easy it is to slide them off in the airport security line before a weekend getaway.

Boat shoes

In the everlasting debate about whether or not to wear socks with boat shoes, our take is yes. Summer sweat and stickiness ruins the shoe, so it’s best to protect it with a barrier. Just go with a simple no-show sock for that bare-ankle look.

Boat shoes for men
Sneakers for men


Step up your standard athletic shoe and try different fabrics such as canvas, suede, or even leather. They give a more polished look to even your most casual summer outfits. Note some care tips for each:

  1. Some canvas shoes can be tossed right into the washing machine.
  2. Suede can be cleaned gently with warm water and vinegar.
  3. Never use anything with alcohol (even baby wipes) to clean leather.


These rubber sandals are essentials for days spent beachside or poolside. (They also double as great summertime house shoes.) Plus, they’re as easy to take care of as hosing or rinsing them off.

Slides for men

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